Allyd Pharma, India
We provide Project management services, from Feasibility
concepts, Engineering studies, Cleanrooms
and Classified Areas, Project management
capabilities, Equipment installation and
commissioning, IQ , OQ, PQ services
Processing Machines
  1. Processing plant machines - Reactor, Processing tanks, Mixers, FBD, RMG, Dry Granulation, Fine Milling machine upto 5 microns
  2. Processing Filling Machines - tablet, capsule, Sachets, Liquid, Syrup, Ampoule, Syringes, Vial filling machine, High capacity, great accuracy filling machines
Packaging Machines
  1. Primary – Sachets, stickpack, Blister pack, Strip Pack.
  2. Flow Wrapping, high speed Cartonating
    machine for Horizontal and Vertical
    application for Blisters, Vials, Ampoule,
    Syringes, Sachets,syrup bottle
    Tertiary – Case packaging, Palletising,
  3. Robotic pick and place
Engineering Services
  1. Equipment installation and commissioning
  2. Embedded engineers at customer site
  3. Scheduled certified training
  4. Service level agreements with 24-hour response times